Nov. 26th, 2015

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It's Thanksgiving! I hope you are all very grateful for my birthday (which technically is tomorrow but pfft, birthday eve still counts) (also reading wonkette is clearly very bad for prose style).

Good year for personal stuff, including an excellent trip to Orkney and to a wedding in a castle. Bit of a shit year for people dying on me, both suddenly and unexpectedly and not so suddenly and all too expectedly. As someone said on Facebook, how about you all stop fucking dying, eh?

It's also pretty much the first anniversary of renting the new! Leeds allotment. We have harvested garlic and elephant garlic and broad beans and two kinds of radishes and runner beans and french beans and mangetout and three kinds of chard and four kinds of winter squash and nasturtiums and wild rocket and mustard greens and pak choi and beetroot and spinach and swede and fennel and kale and coriander and lettuce and, inevitably and quite possibly a legal duty, courgettes.

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